Message to the Readers of Grassland Science

March 2005

It is my great pleasure to address our subscribers regarding the introduction of a new international journal 'Grassland Science' to be published by the Japanese Society of Grassland Science. The Japanese Society of Grassland Science was founded in 1954 for the purposes of fostering grassland agriculture, address issues relative to grassland management for animal production and progressing grassland and forage related crop sciences in Japan. From the beginning, the Society has been composed of scientists with interdisciplinary expertise in forage crop science, forestry, animal science, agribusiness and additional related fields. For 50 years, the Society has made numerous contributions that directly influenced the progression of forage science and industry in Japan. With the expanding internationalization of cooperative research activities and multi-disciplinary interactions in grassland science, the governing board has elected to publish a new international journal in English. The journal covers all areas of grassland science including cultivation and management, physiology, morphology, pathology, breeding and genetics of forage plants, forage conservation, forage nutritive value, animal behavior in grasslands, grassland environment and landscape studies, ecology, soil and soil organisms, farm machinery, economics and other investigations of particular interest to grassland scientists. The journal will be published quarterly in March, June, September and December. We anticipate this journal will contribute toward progress in grassland science associated research activities and the establishment of sustainable grasslands in Japan, Asia and the rest of the world.

You are cordially invited to submit your research papers to 'Grassland Science'.

Kazuo Sugawara
Japanese Society of Grassland Science