The Japanese Society of Grassland Science was founded in 1954 for the purpose of promoting and fostering the study of grassland and forage crop science. Membership is open to persons interested in grassland science, forage crop science and related fields.

People living in countries outside Japan can be a regular member or an online member.
Details of these memberships are as follows.

Regular member: Annual membership fee \10,000 JPY
Online member: Three-year-membership fee \15,000 JPY
(The fiscal year of the society starts in March and ends in February.)

Regular members can present their research at an annual meeting of the JSGS held in Japan, and can receive and submit to the Japanese Journal of Grassland Science, written in Japanese. Regular members can also access and submit to the web-published Grassland Science, written in English.

Online members can access the web-published Grassland Science, written in English, only.

Publication charges for Grassland Science will be discounted for both memberships.

Applications for membership (Regular member / Online member) should be emailed to the secretariat of JSGS (

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